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Who we are


Raw Source Mvmt is the coming together, the synchronicity and alignment of two ambitious young women who share a burning desire to practice a healthy and sustainable way of life.

We believe in innovative green architecture and design, raising one’s vibrations to help heal others, and fighting for a good cause. As creative souls, we tend to feel emotions more deeply and yearn to spread the light. We want to do our part and help in any way that we can. To do so, we must find like-minded people who’ll join us in our quest to bring back the Earth’s holistic rhythms.



Raw materials or substances are in their natural state, unprocessed and unrefined. Raw emotions are strong basic feelings or responses which are not weakened by other influences. If you describe something as raw, you mean that it is simple, powerful, and real. 

source is a place, person, or thing from which something originates or emerges. It is a body or process by which energy or a particular component enters a system.

movement is a thought concept to which people with similar beliefs adhere to in order to provoke change. It is a development of enlightened attitudes, opinions and policies. It is changing position, moving from one place to another. 



Raw Source Mvmt is about helping the world create a better way of life. It’s about sharing priceless knowledge that will aid in the healing process of our planet, by spreading love and kindness to all of its inhabitants; humans, animals, and all living organisms. We know the impact we have on our environment. We know that our ecosystem is in peril. We want to show the positive side of this important issue. Some people are, in fact, making a huge difference. We wish to encourage you to follow in their footsteps.

Our mission is to introduce you to the co-creators of our world. The architects, designers, philosophers, activists, humanitarians, writers, musicians, life coaches, healers, yogis. The pioneers who embody positive change and inspire us to do the same. We pledge to be part of the solution to better our environment, enlighten your spirit and fill your heart with kindness, inspire unity and create positive connexions, and nourish your mind, body and soul.

Through moving images and thoughtful writing, we hope to promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and inspire mindfulness and heartfulness. We wish to educate and bring awareness about important causes, challenge individuals to eradicate ignorance from their lives, and encourage people to have respect. Respect their community, Mother Nature, and most importantly, respect themselves.